From the Director 2019

Arctic Man 2019 

April 9 thru April 14, 2019


The Arctic Man is making some changes for 2019. The Ski and Snowboard Race is on hold for 2019 and will be revisited for 2020. We want to thank all people that have attended or have raced for the past 33 years. Sometimes changes are good and we want the ARCTIC MAN TO CONTINUE.  We think the new events and races will add to the Arctic Man. We also want to thank all of our Sponsors for the past 33 years and realize that without their support this event would not be where it is today.


The plan for 2019 is to have many different Motorized Type Events. These will all be on Website as soon as determined. We want to make events that can get more people involved in and give spectators some events to watch!!!! Make sure you get your parking spots and come enjoy the New Events and enjoy riding at Arctic Man.


Sno—Cross, Drag Races, Hill Climb, Hill Cross,

Snow Machine Parade,  Side by Side Races, Poker runs/ Pea Pod events.

Cross Country, Vintage Races, Junior Races and looking at other type of events.

The parking and Vendors and Headquarters tent will be the same.

This will give more opportunity for all people attending the event to get involved in the events or watch.




Arctic Man

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