From the Director 2017


Arctic Man Extreme

Arctic Man new Event for 2018


Two uphill head to head snow machine competitions.

This will be two days of competition:

Thursday, April 12th after the Arctic Man Race and

Friday, April 13th at 11:00 a.m.

This event will stage two snow machines side by side to race in a designed course.  Each racer will be timed and the fastest time will win that heat.

First course will be from Arctic Man Finish Line to the top of First Aid for Thursday.


Second course will be above Big Rock in the Canyon Ski race to the Top of the Canyon.  After the First race the top places will race with each other (EXAMPLE:  Best two times with race on day two against each other).   All races will be timed so total winner will be based on best times combined.




Here is a huge Thank you to all race spectators, race teams and sponsors for attending and being part of the 2017 -  32nd ANNIVERSARY of Arctic Man.  Every year Mother Nature puts this event to the test;  no snow, too much snow, cold weather, it is always something different. I say for the 32 years I have been proud to help make this race happen 2017 will go down in the BOOKS as a HUGE CHALLENGE. We had very little snow in some sections and ice and water on the course. But with patience and hard work Allen Echols and Russ, the Cat operators and the Great Pisten Bulley - made it happen (quote: " we took Chicken Crap and made it into CHICKEN EATABLE SOUP").

So I want to thank all the volunteers who helped with fences, gates and cut twigs from the course and marshal the event.  THANK YOU!!!!


This event - Arctic Man is a unique race that has grown in the past 32 years to be one of the major Alaskan Winter/Spring Events. The teams were small this year and we are working on some new changes for 2018. The plan is to have two classes for Men’s Ski and Men’s Snowboard - PRO Class and Semi Pro Class.  

Hopefully this will encourage some new, younger blood to take this challenge and try the event. More details to follow on how you qualify for which class.  Also we are working with sponsors and new partners to work on some more snow machine races at the event.  Details to follow.


We want to thank all of our sponsors:  Major:  Alaska Airlines, Genes Auto, GCI, Polaris Outpost, White Spruce Trailer, Odom Corporation.

Other:  Alaska Spine Institute, Hoodoo Brewery, Miranda Electric, Motorfist, Monster Energy Drink, PBR, Vitamin Water, Sunshine Travel, Worry Free Alaska, NC Machinery, Airport Rentals, McClaren Lodge, Delta Medical Transport, Guardian Flight, Alaska Dreams, Denali State Bank, Craig Taylor, Roundup Steakhouse, Sourdough Fuel, AMMC, National Forest Avalanche Center and all others that helped make this year’s race Successful!!!!


The goal of the Arctic Man Volunteers and Officials is to work very hard to make sure that SAFETY and COMMON SENSE are a priority. We will continue to improve this every year and any comments will be appreciated that can help make this Alaskan Event better for you and your families. We especially want to again thank Airport Rentals, NC Machinery and Craig Taylor for the equipment this year to help plow and operate the event.

The RUMOR is that the RACE IS GOING AWAY.  NO IT IS NOT GOING AWAY!!!! We are working to change race day back to Friday and not Thursday. We will keep you posted on all new plans and events for 2018. So dates in 2018 April 9 thru April 15 (((it is not Easter weekend))).

SO SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR - 2018.  We would love to hear comments about having race on Friday next year and not Thursday.   LET US KNOW.

Thank You

Have a Safe and Great Summer


Howie Thies

Race Director



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