Arctic Man Snow Machine Two Mile Parade


31st Anniversary is throwing a new challenge to all Spectators and Snow-Go Riders at the Event at Summit Lake this year.

We are organizing a Challenge to Beat the World Record Snow Machine parade of 1047 Machines in the Guinness Book of records for the Longest 2 mile parade.

On April 9, 2016 at Arctic Man we are setting up with hopefully 1500 snow machines for a 2 mile parade to break this record and put this challenge in the RECORD BOOK.

We have applied for the credentials to accomplish this goal. We have the documents and hopefully with all the Sponsors and Snow machines at the event, we can break this record. Thanks to all sponsor who have paid for all expenses and prizes.

Schedule: Starting at noon on April 9th we will line up as many snow machines that we can. Hopefully 1500 and as soon as all are lined up we will start the two mile parade on a set groomed trial to the finish line behind Arctic Man headquarters.

Course Line up on Racers Row and proceed down the trail to behind row one on Main Pad to the Field behind Headquarters.

This event is free to enter and each participant will receive a T-shirt with logo and sponsors and sticker to put on snow machine with the number you were in the parade. All participants will sign form with names and all names will be listed on the website as participants that help to break the WORLD RECORD.

Thanks to all Sponsors Listed Below:

Guardian Flight, Country Financial, Genes Auto, Miranda Electric, Jolly Roger Design, Buckmeier Plumbing, Alaska Snow machine Salvage, Mad Hatter, Matthew Raymond State Farm Ins, Alyeska Builders, Madden Real Estate, Sunshine Travel, Worry Free Alaska, Roundup Steak House, Alaska Spine Institute, Monster Drink, Fireline Transport, Adventure Awaits RV Rentals and all Volunteers to help set up PARADE.  


While setting up, we will have Doors Prizes, Music, Avalanche training, this is going to be FUN DO NOT MISS!!!!!

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