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Travel Channel Movie on Arctic Man!

The Travel Channel movie on Arctic Man will air on the Travel Channel March 30th @ 5:00 p.m. EST.

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Arctic Man Classic & Sno-Go

416 Slater

Fairbanks, Alaska   99701

(907) 456-2626

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From the Director - 30th Anniversary

 From Race Director

This is a thank you to all race spectators, race teams and sponsors for attending 2015 30th anniversary Arctic Man.  Mother nature played a huge part in the race this year. The snow and weather conditions put a halt to the race on Friday and continued throughout the weekend. Safety will always be our priority for this event, especially for racers but also for spectators watching the event. We have had to cancel the race only two times in a 30 year history, which is very good considering what the weather in ALASKA can do. After all lot of searching and decision making we have decided to change the race day for the 31st Arctic Man.  So the race will be on not be on Friday, but  Thursday April 7, 2016 with April 8 and April 9 our back up dates.  RACERS PLEASE REVIEW NEW RULES FOR DRAWING START AND PURSE INFORMATION. IN RULES 3.1  AND 3.2 and Entry Form for deadlines.

The Arctic Man is a unique event that has grown in the past 30 years to be one of the major Alaskan winter events. The 2016 Arctic Man 31st will have a very large purse based on all teams returning and picking up 10 new teams which will reach out 65 team cap. The proposed purse for the men’s ski race, 1st place winner will be over $60,000.  The total purse by next April could be way over $200,000 dollars. This will be the first time the event has given this much money away to race teams. The competition is going to be intense for all classes. The women’s ski class for 2015 did finish the race. They will all be paid their earning for their purse. The women’s Ski Class for  2016 will not be as big. Our goal is to work hard to get some new sponsorship for 2016 to hopefully increase the purse above $240,000.  Again we have only 10 open race slots as of April 15, 2015. This will close fast, the first race team that emails us and provide entry information will fill those race slots.( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

We want to thank all of our sponsors, Polaris Out Post and Polaris, Odom Corp, AT&T, Alaska Spine institute, Miranda Electric, Fort Knox Mine, Motorfist, Tilted Kilt, Monster, Sunshine Travel, Worry Free Alaska, NC Machinery ,Airport Rentals, Radio 94.7 KZND, Delta Medical Transport, Alaska Dreams, Chugiak  National Forest Avalanche center, AMMC, McClaren Lodge,Alaska State Troopers, White Spruce Trailers, Denali State Bank, Fairbanks Daily News Miner and all the volunteers and spectators’ that help each year.

The goal of the Arctic Man Volunteers and officials is to work very hard to make sure that SAFETY and COMMON SENSE are a priority. We will continue to improve this every year and any comments will be appreciated that can help make the event better for you and your families. We also especially want to thank the Alaska State Troopers for their support and help at the event.  Also Want to thank Allen from McClaren Lodge for all his help grooming every night. AGAIN SEE YOU ALL 2016 April 6 thru 10 2016.  RACE DAY APRIL 7, 2016

Thank You

Have a Safe & Good Time

Howie Thies/ Race Director

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